Hey lovely Reader, a big welcome to my blog!

If it wouldn’t be obvious, what is this site about, well let me explain it: I am in love with Budapest. I am an explorer, always up to date, I like to discover new places, enjoy the city. My passion is also reflected in my photos and walking tours I make about Budapest.

I would like to show all the beauty that you see in it’s architecture, the richness from the past and all the hidden parts which you would just pass by. Also the vibe, the vibrant life it offers with it’s several cool ruinbars, pretty restaurants, unique places, amazing old buildings. And there is more: the geographical layout, under the city there are secret caves, and lots of thermal water, thanks to this the city is called the spa queen. But we have the Danube river which divides the city into Pest and Buda, connecting with historical bridges and in the suburbs with recreational chill out banks. You prefer the mountains? Well, look at the hills of Buda or just climb up the Gellért mountain and stare at the wonderful panorama under you.


Believe me, this city will inspire you it is so colorful and full of history, culture and magic. Let me give you some insider tipps. This city deserves so much more attention, my aim is to get Budapest, my home a better image. I am proud and happy to live here, even if I lived in the western Europe with a higher lifestyle, but I am a dreamer and I do not give up on Budapest.

So follow my blog and fall in love with the city!


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