About Me

Behind Budapest Dreamer is one person: Helga Kolberg.

 mosolygos kep

I was born in Budapest and grew up mostly here in a bilingual family background. With my parents and my sister we traveled a lot, to visit new places and get to know other cultures. Still, my biggest dream is to travel around the world. There are so many beautiful cities and landscapes to be discovered. This made me really open minded and interested in many things.

I studied tourism at the Budapest Business School and went on Erasmus to Bavaria, Germany. That was an important part of my life I enjoyed it a lot and made friends from so many different countries. It made me more tolerant and even more eager to get to know people. It was an amazing experience.

I also lived in Berlin, here I learned that nothing is impossible in life, as long as you fight for your goals and don’t give up. The multicultural city inspired me. Berlin is developing pretty fast and has a special creative atmosphere. For me Berlin is the role model of Budapest. And it makes me happy when I see that Budapest is getting closer to my second home, I just hope the way how people think here could be also changed.

The standard of living here in Hungary is poor comparing to the western part of Europe. It is sad when you feel the political and economical situation on your own skin and many hungarians had to leave the country for a better life. But I cannot change that. what we have is a beautiful and amazing city, so I focus on that. I appreciate the little things in life. We don’t remember days, we remember moments. I would like to make a difference in people’s life, with my blog, that they see the beauty in the ordinary days also. Budapest deserves more attention and care.

Regarding my work experiences, I have  tried almost all the various branches in my profession: hotel industry, hospitality, gastronomy, tourism marketing, sales, customer service, travel operations, event management, tour guide, aviation etc.

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